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What is VIM Adventures?

VIM Adventures is an online game based on VIM's keyboard shortcuts (commands, motions and operators). It's the "Zelda meets text editing" game. It's a puzzle game for practicing and memorizing VIM commands (good old VI is also covered, of course). It's an easy way to learn VIM without a steep learning curve.

You play a blinking cursor appearing one day in a semi text based world of Textland inhabited by little people but ruled by bugs. You soon discover that your arrival was foretold by an old prophecy and that you're expected to restore order to the world (in case you didn't make it to level 2 yet...).

How to play

You start the game with only the ability to move up, down, left, and right. As you progress, you talk to people and collect items and keyboard buttons. Each keyboard button adds to the set of commands you can give the cursor, until you master VIM.

You can also perform operations such as login, load and save game and others using the in-game menu at the bottom of the screen. For a complete list of commands you can type in the command line mode, please type ':help :' (without the quotes).

These instructions are all you need to know. Hints scattered throughout the game help you and ease the learning process. You can't advance to the next level until you master a skill!

Getting help

The little people of Textland have a lot of helpful tips to share so make sure you talk with each and every one by bumping into them.

In addition, every time you pick up a keyboard key, an explanation of what the key does and how it should be used is displayed. This window can be closed using ESC (as any other window in this game) and you can walk through the example using the '+' and '-' keys. You can get help on additional keys using the syntax ':help {char}' by replacing {char} with the character or word you would like to get help on. You can also type a topic such as 'registers' or 'text-objects' to get help on that topic. See below for a full list of possible arguments for the :help command.

If you don't remember which keys you collected so far, or need to refresh your memory a little, you can click on the keyboard icon in the in-game menu, or type ':keyboard' to see a keyboard with your current available keys highlighted. Clicking or pressing on a key will show a short description of its function.

Stuck in the game and don't know how to proceed? Can't find that key or complete a text? Check out the VIM Adventures facebook page or send us a question to .

Topics for :help command

The following characters, commands and topics can be used after the :help command:

h j k l : w W e E b B x X r d dd D ~ 0 ^ $ f F t T ; , % z zt zz zb g gg G 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 count [count] * # n N p P " y yy Y reg :reg registers "" "- "_ "0 "1 "2 "3 "4 "5 "6 "7 "8 "9 "a "b "c ... "x "y "z "A "B "C ... "X "Y "Z i I a A c cc C s S o O word WORD sentence paragraph { } ( ) [{ ]} [( ]) . text-objects aw iw aW iW as is ap ip a[ a] i[ i] a( a) i( i) a< a> aB iB ab ib i< i> at it a{ a} i{ i} a" i" a' i' a` i` H M L nu nonu nu! nonu! | / ? ` ' m :marks :delm :delmarks :delm! :delmarks! undo u :undo CTRL-R :redo redo

Enjoy the rest

of VIM Adventures!

Continue the quest to save the little people of Textland while practicing VIM commands.

The rest of the game contains more fun and twists, and covers most of the keyboard.

There are 13 levels in the game, containing more than 60 shortcuts to practice and

combine together VIM style.

Get your 6 months license for only $25

That's a great offer!
I'd take it if I were you!

Buy now to get immediate access to all 13 levels and be on your way to VIM mastery!

The shortcuts and commands included in the game are as follows:

h j k l : w W e E b B x X r d dd D ~ 0 ^ $ f F t T ; , % z zt zz zb g gg G
digits (1-9) * # n N p P " y yy Y resiters :reg "" "- "_ numbered-registers
letter-registers i I a A c cc C s S o O { } ( ) [{ ]} [( ]) . text-objects
H M L nu | / ? ` ' m :marks :delmarks u CTRL-R buffers (:b :ls) files (:w :e)

It's going to be a lot of fun!

Note that the license is personal, and can not be shared or transferred.
For further information and inquiries please contact us at

Copyright & Credits

Game Design & Programming

This game was designed and programmed by Doron Linder.

© Doron Linder, 2012 - 2015. All rights reserved.

For more information, read the site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For further questions, please contact me at


The following artworks are used under the creative commons license:


The following sounds are used under the creative commons license:

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Replay any level you've already unlocked by typing :level <level-number> (e.g. :level 6).

Show in-game statistics by typing ':set stats', and hide them by typing ':set nostats'.

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    • Load level     :level <level-number>
    • Restore Game           :e [filename]
    • Save Game              :w [filename]
    • List Saved Games                :!ls
    • Delete Saved Game    :!rm <filename>
    • Keyboard Overview     :keyboard
    • Login      :login
    • Logout    :logout
    • User Statistics Screen            :stats
    • Show In-game Statistics       :set stats
    • Hide In-game Statistics     :set nostats
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Yes, VIM allows using the cursor keys in order to move around so this game also allows it.

However, for a pure VIM experience you should stick to using 'h', 'j', 'k' and 'l'. It's considered more efficient since you don't have to move your hand from the home row when you're typing.

But since this game allows both, you can decide what's best for you.


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